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June 30, 2009

Tea Fairies — Artisan green tea

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Janine sent me artisan tea a good while ago and just a week ago I brew it for me and the kids. We had a fun surprise when the tea was ready, the artisan tea had turned into a lovely flower! This made me think of pleasurable everyday products that entertain people maybe just for a short while, make them smile and have a better day. Masa Inakage of Keio University has often mentioned in his speeches a concept of “five seconds of fun”. This tea was a bit similar to the fun product concepts I’ve seen him present in conferences. When I told Janine about this, it made her think of fairies. I was going to post this picture in the International fairy day which was on the 24th, but was too busy to do that. Late good fairy day wishes to our readers! : )

June 29, 2009

The best souvenir you can get — some tea! : )

Yumchaa teas

Last weekend I had a great tea weekend at our summer house. Not only I took some Rooibos tea with me that Janine made herself for me (yum yum!!), but also my husband, who came back home from London, brought me a bag of Yumchaa teas as a souvenir! So we were having a lot of different teas both cold and hot as it was a hot summer weekend with a lot of woodwork : ). The green teas were great cold with just a pinch of sugar added to them and some lemon pieces for decoration. All of these Yumchaa teas have been lovely and I have asked Mark to review at least one tea for our blog. The Caramel Sweetheart tea was quite similar taste as the Pecan Pie Rooibos that Janine sent me earlier, but this one is a black tea.. So .. waiting for some more comments from Mark : )

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