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March 29, 2010

All time favorites

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Here is finally my top 5 list of the teas that Janine has shared with me :) I was drinking lovely Yogi tea: Mexican Sweet Chili just before starting to write this. Janine sent it months ago, but somehow I had managed to save one bag. The tea has really strong flavors, maybe the strongest spicy flavor that I have had in tea, and I really like it. It is good to start my list with that. However, the list is not in a specific order.

  • Mexican Sweet Chili – Yogi tea – spicy and hot
  • Vata tea – Tea Gschwendner – Auyrvedic tea, very spicy but not hot
  • Chili-chocolate black tea - Tea Gschwendner – Yummy!
  • Blueberry Rooibos tea - Teavana – This one is really gentle (unlike the previous ones which are full of flavor and spicy) Rooibos tea,
  • Tulsi: Sweet Rose and Chamomille honey – Organic India – Can’t decide which one I like better but these both are really really nice.

I would have actually liked to add the Pitta tea to my list as well, however, as it is quite similar in style with the Vata tea, I ended up choosing that one in the list. The Pitta is definitely one of my all time favs as well!

February 7, 2010

Stabili-tea (Ayurvedic) – SereneTeaz

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If you like Ayurvedic teas, this is one of the best ones I have tasted! Quite similar actually to the Vata tea that is also one of my definite all time favorites. This tea does not have quite as much coriander in it as the Vata tea and, does not have anise seeds, and has rose petals in it instead of mallow petals. So the taste is slightly different, but very similar in style, with strong licorice taste making it sweet and tasty.

The tea is also beautiful to watch when you open the package, with the whole cardamom pods in it, and other ingredients in such large chunks as well that they are easy to recognize. Sometimes I have had problems with this kind of teas with some heavier parts sinking in the bottom. In that case, the package really needs to be stirred before making the tea so that you get an even distribution of everything in your tea. Does not seem to be a problem with this tea, though, which is great because all this extra stirring causes some extra work for tea cooking (and sometimes, as a mother of three, I tend to be rather busy : ).

The brewing time is not that long, even if the ingredients are in large chunks, according to the package eight + minutes. It does get tastier and tastier though the longer you brew it and I could easily give this one half an hour of brewing time and drink it warm but not hot. I think the flavour comes out even more nicely when the tea is not too hot. I drink this tea without milk, but it could go nicely with milk too. Sweeteners are definitely not needed, this one is naturally sweet and lovely : ) Thank you for sending this one to me Janine!!

Ingredients: cardamom, licorice, coriander, fennel, ginger roots, rose petals.
My rating: * * * * * (easily!)

December 7, 2009

Tea Gschwendner: Chili-Chocolate Black Tea

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Chili-Chocolate Black Tea
I’m not such a big drinker of black teas but this is definitely one of my all time favorites. The tea has a deep dark flavor, especially when overbrewed for a minute or two (the brewing time says 2minutes in the bag)  and the tea used generously. The chili taste is strong, especially when using the bottom part of the tea package; the chili pieces seem to fall down in the tea mixture. I feel very refreshed after drinking this one, even more so than with regular black tea. Either it is the chili, the tea variety has a lot of caffeine, it is the caffeine from chocolate, or I just brew it very dark. I don’t know but anyhow it is yummy and makes me feel good : )

The tea label writing is about Aztecs and how chocolate used to be more as a drink than a food in their culture. I have had a few other drinks with chili, including the Chili flavored Rooibos, but this is my favorite one. Thanks Janine for introducing this to me! My rating * * * * *

October 27, 2009

Honeybush Almond – Théhuone / www.teekauppa.fi

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Honeybush Almond

Here is a review for a new Finnish online tea shop teekauppa.fi. I was happy to notice that they deliver the great Théhuone teas right to your door. I like visiting the The Huone shop, however, I seem to be most of the time too busy to do that. Online ordering is a good alternative, and the teas seem to be around the same price if you order it or buy it in the shop.

The tea tastes like almond and chocolate. It also has a mild sweet taste that could be because of the Osmanthus flowers. I can’t be sure, though, since I have not tasted before teas with this ingredient. The tea is particularly good with milk, although it is good without milk as well. However, the milk brings the chocolaty taste in the foreground and gives it almost a creamy taste (even with low fat milk).

The brewing time for this tea is not that exact, which is always great for a person with bad memory like me. The tea may even benefit of overbrewing.

My general review of this tea is that it is an excellent tea and it is easy to give it five stars. I also tasted it with the kids (half milk/half tea) and they liked it a lot. My daughter even said that it she is so lucky to have such a mother like me when talking about the tea, could a tea get a better review? : ) * * * * *

October 25, 2009


Ahh… a trip to Los Angeles, the city of movie stars and exotic tastes. This was going to be fun. I had the weekend away from everyone and planned to hit the beach. But alas – the Internet tracks you down always. Elina had just heard that there was some great tea places in LA, and I needed to go check them out. Ok – so of I was in the rented SUV, Nissan Rogue (amazing that it was called a regular car) – on with the GPS system, and off I go. It was a place called Le Palais Gourmet and I was asked to get a tea called The des Esprits Rouge. Ok – not that great with with French, but off I went. Ended up the place was in Beverly Hills, a couple of blocks from Rodeo Drive. Hmm – this will be good. After some parking and scrounging for some quarters for the meter, I walked over to the shop. It was a nice clean shop, with specials on tea pots, and beautiful cans of tea lining up the walls. They had some Martinique Green brewing which was providing great aroma in the air. After some introductions (yes – I am from Finland, yes – I am Australian, yes – we do write for a tea blogs so please let me take some photos), I sampled some of the tea. Interestingly, the tea that Elina wanted was not available, as the shop had stopped licensing the name Le Palais Gourmet and the teas accordingly. Hmmm — this was a bit strange as the labels were all over the place, but nevertheless, they sold tea, and were in a celebrity location — so something must be good. Now, back to the tea, I grabbed a Lemoncello tea, and also the one that was brewing. Job done, two bags in hand, it was now time to go to my other infatuation – Ed Hardy at the Beverly Center – but alas – that is another blog!

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October 8, 2009

Tulsi – Red Chai Masala – Organic India

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Red Chai Masala - Tulsi Tea
I’m sipping another amazing Tulsi tea by Organic India that Janine sent over to me. The taste is rich and very spicy. The tea was probably at its best after about five minutes of brewing. For some reason, this tea makes me think of pumpkins, maybe it is the pumpkin cake spices, Halloween that is nearing, or the Autumn.

I like to drink this tea with milk but it goes well without as well. It makes me feel sleepy and dreamy. The tea is perfect for cool Autumn evenings when you want just to cuddle in a warm bed and fall asleep, listening to the wind blow and rain hit the roof of the house. It is easy to give this tea full five stars * * * * *

Red Chai Masala Tulsi Tea

October 4, 2009

Yumchaa teashop in London

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Three weeks ago we visited London and the one of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Yumchaa tea shop in Soho. We walked to the tea shop from the Reagent’s park with some help from our mobile phone maps. It was a sunny day and everyone were pretty exhausted after the little walk, so we did not feel like having hot tea. In the tea shop, we noticed that they sell also ice tea which sounded great, however, I did not expect to be able to choose from their wide variety of tea. To my surprise, ordering any tea that they sold as ice tea was possible as they use a special tea filter for creating the ice tea. The secret is brewing the hot tea and using ice in a special filter to cool it down. They even sell the filter for doing this in the tea shop, however, when we visited, they had ran out. Maybe next time! We tried out four different kinds of teas and bought three bags of tea to take home with us. All the teas were super yummy! The atmosphere was great too and they played alternative rock music (rather soft but not mainstream) in the background when we were there. I’ll definitely go again when in London. * * * * *

September 1, 2009

Tasting blueberry Rooibos teas – Teavana and Rishi Tea

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Organic Blueberry Rooibos - Rishi TeaTonight I brew two kinds of Blueberry Rooibos tea. Janine had sent me earlier a bag of Teavana blueberry Rooibos and for my birthday I got some great tea samples from her (thank you!!:), including the Rishi Tea Blueberry Rooibos. I wanted to compare the Rishi and Teavana Blueberry Rooibos but the end result was that I could not decide which one I liked more. The Teavana version was definitely more fruity and the blueberry taste was strong. In the Rishi Tea the blueberry taste was more in the background. I liked the Teavana tea maybe slightly better when I tried the teas without milk, but with milk I preferred the Rishi Tea. Both teas were great and they deserve full five stars!  * * * * *

August 3, 2009

Ayurveda – Vata – Tea Gschwendner

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VataThis Vata tea from Tea Gschwendner I have been waiting forward to review for a long time. Now when the tea bag Janine sent months ago is finished, it is the last moment to do so. I would have probably already finished the tea a lot earlier but I found a pretty good substitute over here in Finland.  I totally love this tea and it is one of the best teas I have ever tasted.

When I first tasted the tea I was totally amazed. My first thoughts were along the lines “how could I have not tasted anything like this before? This tea is so amazing that anyone would love to drink it”.. I tried it hot and cold, with and without milk, everything works but my favorite is cold and without milk. My morning routine quite often has been brewing a small pot of some strong tea and a pitcher of Aurveda Vata (or substitute) in the morning, consuming the strong tea first and sipping the room-temperature tea from the pitcher during the day.

I’ve been also brewing this for other people  but surprisingly it is not for everyone’s taste. One visitor even left half of her drink because she thought it tasted weird. Most of the people I have served it have liked it, though. For me, it is difficult to imagine how someone could not fall in love with this tea : )

The ingredients of the tea are: licorice, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, anise, and mallow blossoms. Now just a few words about the substitute. I went to Théhuone (a wonderful tea shop in Helsinki) and described this tea to them. They suggested for me to try their tea that is called Ayurveda Organic. The ingredients in this one are anise, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, gloves, pepper corns, cardamon, licorice, plus some aromas they do not explain in detail. The taste is diffirent but quite close to the Vata tea. The Vata tea is easier to make so that the quality is each time the same because the incredients are smaller and similar in weight. The other tea has a bit of a problem with getting all the ingredients in one brewing.

My rating for the Vata tea is * * * * * .. I would give more if I could!

July 20, 2009

Treasure of the Incas (Inkojen aartet) – The Ounce

Treasure of the Incas

Elina sent me this dreamy tea from The Ounce in Helsinki that tastes somewhat similar to the Sweet Lily White tea, so I am posting them together and she can comment. While they have different ingredients, to me they both have the taste of honeysuckle that I am enjoying, or it could be the lemon grass too.

I am not sure what all of the ingredients are in Treasure of the Incas and will write more soon as I discover them. I am brewing the tea for only one minute, and prefer it hot to warm, rather than cold. This is a complex tea where the warmth holds the flavours together.

The inviting blend is friendly from the opening of the package, with an earthy scent that has a quenching taste. The vibrant colors are ethereal while the texture has a feathery feel. It is quite magical; Elina always finds very special things that spark the imagination and are inspiring. This one is wondrous. Thank you Elina!

Ingredients: ancient secrets and untold wisdom.

My rating: * * * * *

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