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February 28, 2009

Strawberry Cream Rooibos – Robert’s Coffee

Strawberry Cream RooibosReview (1-5): Hot 5, Cold 4
Brand: Robert’s Coffee
Type: Rooibos

Over the holidays, Elina sent me a bag of Strawberry Cream Rooibos from Robert’s Coffee in Helsinki. I wrote her that it tasted like “the stuff that dreams are made of.” It is smooth and mellow, infused with pieces of hand-picked strawberries, topped off with a spot of cream. The colouring is a deep reddish brown near the center, surrounded by a light amber glow around the edges when steeped in a cast iron teapot for 4 minutes. I highly recommend this Rooibos tea. Not only is it a five star blend in my opinion, but worthy of its own constellation, in every season! Wonderfully warming and delightful, whether reading, writing or dreaming.

It is also worth noting that strawberries are a heart-shaped, heart-healthy, juicy red fruit, that provide an amazing source of antioxidants and are naturally rich in vitamin C. The combination of strawberry pieces and Rooibos leaves make this a super healthy treat for tea drinkers of all ages, and in the wintertime, is a great reminder that spring is on the way!

Strawberry Trivia:

‘O marvel, fruit of fruits, I pause’

My Strawberry
Helen Hunt Jackson

‘A pot of Strawberries gathered in the wood
To mingle with your cream.’

Ben Johnson as quoted in A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve

A flower for S!
Is Sunflower he?
He’s handsome, yes,
But what of me?-

In my party suit
Of red and white,
And a gift of fruit
For the feast tonight:

Strawberries small
And wild and sweet,
For the Queen and all
Of her Court to eat!

The Song of the Strawberry Fairy
Cicely Mary Barker

February 19, 2009

Pitta Herbal Spice Blend – TeaGschwendner

Pitta Herbal TeaReview (1-5): Hot 3, Cold 5
Brand: TeaGschwendner
Type: : Herbal

I am writing my first tea review about one of my favorite teas. I got this tea from Janine about a year ago when she visited in Finland. The tea consists of a wide variety of herbs. A very special thing about this tea is, that it tastes absolutely lovely when it is cold but I’d say it is average when hot. When I drink this tea, I usually brew it in the evening, let it stay in the tea pot over night, and consume it during the day when it is cold. I have noticed that quite often mint gives the tea a bitter taste if you brew it for too long, but this tea does not get bitter at all even if it has mint. The lovely taste of licorice gets very strong when cold, but is quite absent when drinking the tea hot.

This is what the tea package says about it: A spice and herb blend with lemony freshness, slightly sweet. Ingredients: lemon grass, mint, raspberry leaves, cardamom, licorice, mallow petals and rose petals.

- elina

February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!


which is serendipitously the birthday weekend of Tea Spoon, and Okakura Kakuzo (February 14, 1862-September 2, 1913), who wrote a legendary treatise on tea in 1906, called The Book of Tea:

“Those who cannot feel the littleness of great things in themselves are apt to overlook the greatness of little things in others.”

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