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March 10, 2009

Croco Rooibos – Nordqvist

Croco RooibosThis is a delightful, fruity Rooibos blend Elina sent me a few months ago by Nordqvist that includes elderberries and cranberries. The aroma is just lovely, like the soft perfume of a spring garden.  The colouring is a rich amber with a light reddish glow.  The flavour of the elderberries is unique, like drinking the sweetest flowers nestled in between the Rooibos leaves that taste of honey and remind me of a springtime walk in the Finnish forest.

Elderberries are part of the Honeysuckle family and are commonly found in the northern hemisphere and parts of Australia and South America.  The flowers bloom in late spring, and produce clusters of black, blue and red berries, and on occasion, yellow and white berries in Australia.  

I prefer this tea hot for I also enjoy the smell of the cranberries when steeping.  This tea has a delicate sweet taste that becomes smoother as it cools to room temperature.  As I am drinking it now, the honeysuckle flavour comes about first, with a slight tartness from the cranberries that pull the honey back to the front of the palate.  To me, this is another special five star blend and possibly my favourite from Suomi.  It is graceful.

March 5, 2009

Slim Mint – SereneTeaz

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Slim MintI got this lovely tea from Janine. It took me sometime to get really great friends with the taste, but now I’m absolutely loving it. I think it is because you need to be really careful with the brewing time with this one. I have sometimes quite a bad memory (also with my tea kettle : ( ) so I often leave my teas to brew for too long. This one should not be brewed for too long (the instructions say 4-5 minutes), otherwise the taste will not be so good.

When you open the bag, the smell is amazing – just like After Eights. I can smell it even now when I have a flu and I don’t feel like eating because I can’t taste or smell properly. When you drink the tea hot the taste is great: you can really taste the mint, and it mixes nicely with the black tea and Rooibos. I enjoy this one the best hot with milk and honey.

Ingredients: Chocolate bits, vanilla, Rooibos, mint, black tea
Brand: SereneTeaz
My ranking: * * * *

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