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May 31, 2009

Spicy Rooibos – Indiska

Spicy Rooibos

This is a thoughtful tea Elina sent me last week from a shop in Helsinki called Indiska that I am really loving. It came in a dazzling red cellophane bag, decorated with an intricate paisley mendhi design filled in with hearts that reminded me of some drawings I made, some of Elina’s drawings she sent me and of Batik artistry too.

When I opened the bag, all of these exotic scents came about that made me think of India and Africa, all mixed in together and our connections to these places. Here is a remarkable passage in between mentions of bush tea that comes to mind from Tears of the Giraffe, the Alexander McCall Smith series Elina started me on in the New Year:

“We are all children of Africa, and none of us is better or more important than the other. This is what Africa could say to the world: it could remind us what it is to be human.”

And for me, this tea has done just that, reminding me of my humanness and all of the wonderful people in my life, how every breath we take is truly a gift. With every sip, gratitude filled my heart. THANK YOU ELINA!!

Ingredients: rooibos, fennel, anise, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and black pepper.

My rating *****

May 30, 2009

Azteca Fire – Teavana

Azteca FireI already drank up the whole pot of this tea before writing the review – it was so delicious. Luckily, there is a tiny bit left to drink with this blog entry : ). The Azteca Fire tea has a delicate chocolaty taste mixed with a hint of spicy chili. First, I tried this tea with no milk, but I think this one clearly benefits from adding some milk to it. It brings the chocolaty flavor more to the front. A good thing about this tea is that you can’t really overbrew it since it does not have any herbs or tea that would make it taste bitter. The tea does not only taste great, it also smells amazing and the structure of it is beautiful with all the bits and pieces. I’m not quite sure what are all the ingredients, but Janine told me it has chocolate, strawberries and chili peppers. It seems like there is also some flowers in it and some pieces look like fruit. The smell is more fruity than the taste is. I can easily give this one four stars, it could deserve even more.

Rating * * * *

May 8, 2009

Tulsi – Organic India

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Sweet Rose TulsiYou can’t get Tulsi tea from Finland but Janine has been sending me every now and then various kinds of Tulsi tea bags. The tea is absolutely lovely and I must say I have become addicted. First time I got Tulsi tea bags I was pregnant and needed to find out about it if it is safe for me. Several web sites said that it is actually recommended in India for pregnant women. It has several health benefits and it is referred as Holy Basil tea over there.

As you can’t buy the tea in Finland, I started to think if you could actually grow your own. I grow a wide variety of different basils during the Finnish summer (short but usually quite warm) ranging from the basic one to Thai. I ordered some seeds so let’s see how this will go. We will report back! : )

There are several flavors of the Organic India Tulsi Tea.  My favorite is the Sweet Rose tulsi. The taste is very sweet and smells and tastes beautifully rosy. Another favorite of mine is the Chamomille Honey. This one is the best Chamomille tea I have ever tasted. This tea is very sweet too and there is some interesting side taste that is difficult to identify, it is slightly like licorice. Both of these teas taste good without milk but I prefer to drink them with milk. Definitely no sweeteners needed. I will write later about the other Tulsi teas that I have tasted but these are my favorite ones and I give both of them easily five stars!

Rating: * * * * *

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