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July 20, 2009

Treasure of the Incas (Inkojen aartet) – The Ounce

Treasure of the Incas

Elina sent me this dreamy tea from The Ounce in Helsinki that tastes somewhat similar to the Sweet Lily White tea, so I am posting them together and she can comment. While they have different ingredients, to me they both have the taste of honeysuckle that I am enjoying, or it could be the lemon grass too.

I am not sure what all of the ingredients are in Treasure of the Incas and will write more soon as I discover them. I am brewing the tea for only one minute, and prefer it hot to warm, rather than cold. This is a complex tea where the warmth holds the flavours together.

The inviting blend is friendly from the opening of the package, with an earthy scent that has a quenching taste. The vibrant colors are ethereal while the texture has a feathery feel. It is quite magical; Elina always finds very special things that spark the imagination and are inspiring. This one is wondrous. Thank you Elina!

Ingredients: ancient secrets and untold wisdom.

My rating: * * * * *

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