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October 27, 2009

Honeybush Almond – Théhuone / www.teekauppa.fi

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Honeybush Almond

Here is a review for a new Finnish online tea shop teekauppa.fi. I was happy to notice that they deliver the great Théhuone teas right to your door. I like visiting the The Huone shop, however, I seem to be most of the time too busy to do that. Online ordering is a good alternative, and the teas seem to be around the same price if you order it or buy it in the shop.

The tea tastes like almond and chocolate. It also has a mild sweet taste that could be because of the Osmanthus flowers. I can’t be sure, though, since I have not tasted before teas with this ingredient. The tea is particularly good with milk, although it is good without milk as well. However, the milk brings the chocolaty taste in the foreground and gives it almost a creamy taste (even with low fat milk).

The brewing time for this tea is not that exact, which is always great for a person with bad memory like me. The tea may even benefit of overbrewing.

My general review of this tea is that it is an excellent tea and it is easy to give it five stars. I also tasted it with the kids (half milk/half tea) and they liked it a lot. My daughter even said that it she is so lucky to have such a mother like me when talking about the tea, could a tea get a better review? : ) * * * * *

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  1. A smooth taste with a butterscotch flavour that is a healthier choice than a caramel latte; this tea is delightful hot when brewed for the full suggested 8 minutes that is also lovely chilled when brewed for the suggested 6 minutes. This tea is a real treat to have on hand for the autumn season to carry into the holidays. I imagine you can use this in baking for cookies and breads. Also great for kids because it is caffeine-free. Very special – a must try!

    A quick note on osmanthus blossoms. Osmanthus plants flower in Japan and other parts of Asia. It is a native plant to China. Osmanthus flowers are often used in teas like jasmine blossoms, combined with green or oolong leaves. The taste has a delicate fruity aroma, and is similar to pitted fruits like apricots or peaches. In Taiwain, the tropical flower has sacred meaning for love and romance and is often used in weddings. In old customs, a bride may bring a potted osmanthus plant with a potted pomegranate plant to her new family to symbolize true love, faithfulness, fertility and peace in hopes of giving birth to bearing noble children.

    Comment by Rooibos — November 6, 2009 @ 3:30 am

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