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December 7, 2009

Tea Gschwendner: Chili-Chocolate Black Tea

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Chili-Chocolate Black Tea
I’m not such a big drinker of black teas but this is definitely one of my all time favorites. The tea has a deep dark flavor, especially when overbrewed for a minute or two (the brewing time says 2minutes in the bag)  and the tea used generously. The chili taste is strong, especially when using the bottom part of the tea package; the chili pieces seem to fall down in the tea mixture. I feel very refreshed after drinking this one, even more so than with regular black tea. Either it is the chili, the tea variety has a lot of caffeine, it is the caffeine from chocolate, or I just brew it very dark. I don’t know but anyhow it is yummy and makes me feel good : )

The tea label writing is about Aztecs and how chocolate used to be more as a drink than a food in their culture. I have had a few other drinks with chili, including the Chili flavored Rooibos, but this is my favorite one. Thanks Janine for introducing this to me! My rating * * * * *

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