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May 8, 2009

Tulsi – Organic India

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Sweet Rose TulsiYou can’t get Tulsi tea from Finland but Janine has been sending me every now and then various kinds of Tulsi tea bags. The tea is absolutely lovely and I must say I have become addicted. First time I got Tulsi tea bags I was pregnant and needed to find out about it if it is safe for me. Several web sites said that it is actually recommended in India for pregnant women. It has several health benefits and it is referred as Holy Basil tea over there.

As you can’t buy the tea in Finland, I started to think if you could actually grow your own. I grow a wide variety of different basils during the Finnish summer (short but usually quite warm) ranging from the basic one to Thai. I ordered some seeds so let’s see how this will go. We will report back! : )

There are several flavors of the Organic India Tulsi Tea.  My favorite is the Sweet Rose tulsi. The taste is very sweet and smells and tastes beautifully rosy. Another favorite of mine is the Chamomille Honey. This one is the best Chamomille tea I have ever tasted. This tea is very sweet too and there is some interesting side taste that is difficult to identify, it is slightly like licorice. Both of these teas taste good without milk but I prefer to drink them with milk. Definitely no sweeteners needed. I will write later about the other Tulsi teas that I have tasted but these are my favorite ones and I give both of them easily five stars!

Rating: * * * * *


  1. Supposing you and I (connective, we)
    Were nothing more than two leaves of tea
    Being in hot water
    We’d solve the age-old problems easily.

    “Tea in the Universities”
    Adil Jussawalla

    Tulsi Tea is something special and sacred. A real joy! I *love* this tea! It has such an unusual taste that is very calming and uplifting. I discovered it on a blustery afternoon in a health shop near the Art Institute early last year. It really perked me up and I have been hooked ever since. I carry it with me always and drink it throughout the week, sometimes throughout the day. Tulsi is a special kind of tea from Lucknow that has provided lots of comfort, wonderful dreams and a wealth of good health too. I highly recommend it. It is like drinking stars beneath imagined cerulean skies of beautiful India near the periwinkle moments before dusk. In a word, it is celestial, and I agree with Elina’s high rating. I prefer the sweet rose and honey chamomile too, at room temperature or even cool, though I have not tried them iced.

    Perhaps the best part about the Tulsi Tea for me is that I know how much Elina enjoys it, and it is great fun to share in it with her : )

    ps: I found the noted poem by Adil Jussawala in a book about India recently published by DK, set above a landscape photograph of a tea plantation in Assam labeled “fertile valleys,” which seemed like a pleasant coincidence for mother’s day weekend, when Elina’s Tulsi review was first posted.

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