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February 19, 2009

Pitta Herbal Spice Blend – TeaGschwendner

Pitta Herbal TeaReview (1-5): Hot 3, Cold 5
Brand: TeaGschwendner
Type: : Herbal

I am writing my first tea review about one of my favorite teas. I got this tea from Janine about a year ago when she visited in Finland. The tea consists of a wide variety of herbs. A very special thing about this tea is, that it tastes absolutely lovely when it is cold but I’d say it is average when hot. When I drink this tea, I usually brew it in the evening, let it stay in the tea pot over night, and consume it during the day when it is cold. I have noticed that quite often mint gives the tea a bitter taste if you brew it for too long, but this tea does not get bitter at all even if it has mint. The lovely taste of licorice gets very strong when cold, but is quite absent when drinking the tea hot.

This is what the tea package says about it: A spice and herb blend with lemony freshness, slightly sweet. Ingredients: lemon grass, mint, raspberry leaves, cardamom, licorice, mallow petals and rose petals.

- elina


  1. Whether warm or cold, I find this organic herbal blend to be a nourishing and fortifying stress-reliever. My family enjoys it a lot, including my younger cousin who refers to it as “the one I like.” As a hot drink, I first enjoy smelling the mix of dried herbs, with the top note coming from a tingling of mint leaves that seem to turn from a bluish green to a golden green as it steeps into the smells grown from a fragrant herbal garden. I agree with Elina that when left overnight to cool, the licorice mellows into a lovely taste that is not the same when it is hot. Either way, I think it is special, especially because the ingredients for this blend are organic. As I brew a pot now, I am noticing how pretty the mix of dried herbs look together, with just a hint of rose petals and mallow petals – and a cardamom pod here and there. While brewing, the scent becomes earthy and has a slight sweet aftertaste when steeped for five minutes, that gets even sweeter as it continues to cool.

    Review (1-5): Hot 4, Cold 4

    Comment by janine — March 4, 2009 @ 4:19 am

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