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November 9, 2009

Chai Red – Yumchaa

Chai Red - Yumchaa

Chai Red is an exceptional chai rooibos blend Elina shared with me from her trip to the Yumchaa shop in London. It has a sweet, full-bodied, fruity taste that is unlike any of the other chai blends we have tried.

I highly recommend it and would get more of it if I could. The sweetness may come from the cinnamon pieces or from the aniseed. It’s truly remarkable and almost has a flowery scent in the background, though there are no flowers among the listed ingredients.

I prefer this blend warm, though it could also work well chilled.

Thank you Elina . . . who may have more comments to add, as it is another favorite of hers from Yumchaa.

My rating *****

October 4, 2009

Yumchaa teashop in London

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Three weeks ago we visited London and the one of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Yumchaa tea shop in Soho. We walked to the tea shop from the Reagent’s park with some help from our mobile phone maps. It was a sunny day and everyone were pretty exhausted after the little walk, so we did not feel like having hot tea. In the tea shop, we noticed that they sell also ice tea which sounded great, however, I did not expect to be able to choose from their wide variety of tea. To my surprise, ordering any tea that they sold as ice tea was possible as they use a special tea filter for creating the ice tea. The secret is brewing the hot tea and using ice in a special filter to cool it down. They even sell the filter for doing this in the tea shop, however, when we visited, they had ran out. Maybe next time! We tried out four different kinds of teas and bought three bags of tea to take home with us. All the teas were super yummy! The atmosphere was great too and they played alternative rock music (rather soft but not mainstream) in the background when we were there. I’ll definitely go again when in London. * * * * *

June 29, 2009

The best souvenir you can get — some tea! : )

Yumchaa teas

Last weekend I had a great tea weekend at our summer house. Not only I took some Rooibos tea with me that Janine made herself for me (yum yum!!), but also my husband, who came back home from London, brought me a bag of Yumchaa teas as a souvenir! So we were having a lot of different teas both cold and hot as it was a hot summer weekend with a lot of woodwork : ). The green teas were great cold with just a pinch of sugar added to them and some lemon pieces for decoration. All of these Yumchaa teas have been lovely and I have asked Mark to review at least one tea for our blog. The Caramel Sweetheart tea was quite similar taste as the Pecan Pie Rooibos that Janine sent me earlier, but this one is a black tea.. So .. waiting for some more comments from Mark : )

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